• Image of Knit Lit Club~ November, Death and Mourning Set

This is a listing for the new Knit Lit Club. The Knit Lit Club is a month to month subscription. Every month the colorways will be inspired by some of my favorite books. November's inspiration comes from my absolute favorite book, Wuthering Heights.

For November you have the option of purchasing the Death and Mourning Set either as a set or as individual skeins. This set will have more masculine colors and both skeins will be dyed on one of my heavier weight bases. These could be anything from sport to worsted. The colorways offered in the Death and Mourning Set are "Mighty Stranger" which is inspired by one of my favorite quotes about Heathcliff and "I am Heathcliff" which is inspired by Catherine's love from the main character, Heathcliff. Mighty Stranger will be dyed in a marbled speckle technique and I am Heathcliff will be a tonal semi solid.

Orders for this club will ship the second week of November.

PLEASE NOTE, picture listed with this product will not be represented on the yarn, nor is the skein in the photo the skein being offered in this kit, it is simply a picture.


  • Death and Mourning Set: $56.0 - 5 left in stock
    5 in stock
  • Mighty Stranger: $28.0 - 5 left in stock
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  • I am Heathcliff: $28.0 - 5 left in stock
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