• Image of PREORDER, Half Blood Prince~Mystery Mini Skein Set, 100 Grams

The "Half Blood Prince" set will include 5 MYSTERY mini skeins. Since this is our sixth year at Hogwarts and the Half Blood Prince was Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts this mini skein set will be inspired by the sixth book.

This set will be on the Perfection Knot base. Each mini skein is 20 grams at approximately 92 yards per mini skein for an approximate total yardage of 464 per set.

Shipping Note:

This is a PREORDER listing for this years Harry Potter release. All orders will begin shipping the last week of August at the earliest.

Dyers Note:

While I call these "repeatable colorways", every skein and every batch is a bit different. These colorways are also highly variable, so skeins may appear brighter or darker than pictured. Please also note that if you are ordering/receiving a speckled or variegated skein, one color may be more pronounced than another and that those colors may very per batch and skein.

The yarn has been rinsed but, I recommend that any item made from this hand dyed yarn be washed separately the first time. I also recommend using a color catching sheet to maintain the color and quality of the product. Some dye leakage may still happen when the item is washed for the first time, but is not indicative of color fading.

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