• Image of Slug Club Party Dress
  • Image of Slug Club Party Dress
  • Image of Slug Club Party Dress

This listing is for the Slug Club Party Dress colorway.

It was inspired by the quirky party dress Luna wears to the Slug Club Christmas party. It has been dyed as a tonal Pink Champagne with speckles of Olive, Grasshopper, Rose, Chestnut and Gold.

When knit up it should generate a speckled effect with no pooling depending upon your project and gauge.

Dyers Note:

While I call this a "repeatable colorway", every skein and every batch is a bit different. This colorway is also highly variable, so skeins may appear brighter, darker or lighter than pictured. This may also change depending on the base you select to have your colorway dyed on. Please also note that if you are ordering a speckled skein one color may be more pronounced than another and that those colors may vary per batch.

The yarn has been rinsed but, I recommend that any item made from this hand dyed yarn be washed separately the first time. I also recommend using a color catching sheet to maintain the color and quality of the product. Some dye leakage may still happen when the item is washed for the first time, but is not indicative of color fading.

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